Electrical Code Courses:

Each electrical course we offer meets the state requirements for Electrical license renewal. Multi-state specials make it easy to renew all of your electrical licenses in one easy to use course special, and saves you money with a low package price. And when time is short, a certificate of completion is emailed to you within seconds of passing your online course, plus we take care of all the reporting for you.

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Plumbing Code Courses:

PELLCO CEU offers online courses for plumbers and trainees in Washington, and Oregon. We offer all hours of the Uniform Plumbing Code® and 2014 Oregon Specialty Code®. If time is pressing, your certificate of completion is emailed to you within seconds of completing your course. Each approved plumbing course includes all referenced material. Renew your plumbing license with ease and confidence.

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Correspondence Code Courses:

If a reliable connection to the internet is not possible using your smart phone, tablet, computer or other internet connected device, a paper version of our courses can be mailed to you. These courses can be ordered by calling our toll free number at 888 224 0801.  There, one of our continuing education specialists will assist you in providing a custom course special specifically tailored to your licensing needs.

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